5 Most Common Conditions That Send People to Urgent Care in the Late Summertime

It’s never fun to get sick, but that’s especially true when it makes you miss out on late summer activities. Here are the top conditions that urgent care centers see in the late summer.

Late summer is a time for outdoor fun, trips to the beach, cookouts and evenings spent with friends. Unfortunately, just like any other season it also comes with its own health risks. Urgent care facilities see an increase in certain conditions every summer—most of them easily treatable. Here are the top five late summertime ailments:


  1. Ear infections. These are particularly common for children, but ear infections can affect people of any age—an unhappy surprise to many adults. In the summer, urgent care centers tend to see more ear infections, which may be because more people are swimming and water can introduce bacteria into the ears.
  2. Minor injuries. People tend to be outside more in the summer, often running, playing sports or walking barefoot. All this summer fun can sometimes lead to injuries ranging from a minor fall to a broken bone or even stepping on something sharp. Urgent care facilities frequently do stitches, X-rays and casts.
  3. Rashes/Itchy Skin. No one like an itchy rash. In the summer, there are many causes for rashes such as poison ivy, poison oak, swimmer’s itch or athlete’s foot. Rashes that coincide with flu-like symptoms may also be a sign of Lyme disease, which is transmitted by the bites of ticks. You may not be able to tell what’s causing your rash or itch, but your urgent care professionals can help narrow it down and provide treatment.
  4. Allergies. For many people allergies are just part and parcel of summer weather. Ranging from pollen and ragweed to dust and mold spores, allergies can easily be a major killjoy for summer fun. If your allergy symptoms are more than an inconvenience, your urgent care center may give you a prescription or otherwise help you manage them.
  5. Summer Cold. It doesn’t seem fair to get a cold or the flu in summer, does it? Yet the viruses that cause colds are around all year long. If you find yourself with flu-like symptoms it’s most likely a common cold, but if symptoms persist or get worse see your urgent care provider right away. Have you ever gotten sick during a summer vacation? How did you deal with it?

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